Family Portraits

Before leaving for her year of college, Dave’s daughter said:

“Dad, the one thing I want to take with me to college is a portrait of our family”

A quality Family portrait, taken by Dave Lewis Studio isn’t just any image on a piece of paper – it’s a meaningful connection, even an anchor in these stressful times.

In fact:

“A recent U.K. study revealed that family portraits are more powerful at raising someone’s mood than TV, Music or even CHOCOLATE!”

This deep heartfelt connection is something that can only be handled by an experienced professional photographer who truly understands and cares. A family portrait created by Dave lewis Studio becomes not just a Family portrait, but a lasting treasure that the GrandChildren will be arguing over for possession. A Family portrait from Dave lewis Studio continues your families legacy.

Call (309)647-5770 to create your Families Legacy!

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Senior Portraits

You only graduate from high school once, and it’s a moment to remember for the rest of your life. It can be said that senior portraits live forever, and decades from now, you’ll be treasuring your senior portraits, showing them to your kids or grandkids.

A bad senior portrait can make you cringe well into your 60’s, and seniors understandably get worked up about it. For some, this can be too much, leading to heavy breathing, light-headedness, and – in a few cases – fainting. But it’s okay!

Take a deep breath, grab your mom’s credit card, and call 309-647-5770 to reserve your appointment time before the symptoms return!

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Child Portraits

The sparkle in the eyes of a child is one of the most wonderful things a parent can experience. While children grow bigger, older, and usually more argumentative, a portrait captures a special moment of a child’s life, letting you hold on to the magic forever.

But while children are a lot of fun, they’re VERY tricky to work with, and it takes someone with an understanding of them to make sure everything turns out just right. As a father of three and grandfather to two – soon to be four – I’ve got plenty of practical “field experience” in working with kids.

Whether it’s a “proper” portrait, or just capturing the spirit of your kids being themselves, call 309-647-5770 and make an appointment today!

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Not only do I bring my experience directly to your wedding, but I also do something nobody else does – I bring my own lighting. Lighting conditions aren’t always perfect, and you’ve only got one opportunity to get the pictures as it all “happens.” I can compensate for any conditions, to make sure your pictures are as PERFECT and AUTHENTIC as possible.

There are so many details to think about for your wedding! But you won’t have to worry about being forever stuck with badly-done photographs from a flustered “wannabe” who couldn’t keep up. A steady, experienced hand will ensure beautiful wedding portraits you’ll cherish and show off to your family and friends for decades to come.

Capture the magic of your wedding – worry-free – by calling 309-647-5770 and making an appointment today. The sooner you call, the better, so we can make sure of matching my schedule with yours!

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Businesses and companies have always relied on Dave Lewis Studio Ltd. to showcase their buildings, their products and services, and their personell for Annual Reports, Indudtry Publications, Interior Decor, News Announcements, and Internet Marketing.

High quality professional photography will enhance the image ( Pun Intended ! ) of your company, business, product or service and most important … a face for that personal touch so often lacking in today’s ever increasing impersonal business climate.

We at Dave Lewis Studio Ltd. know you have that part-time employee who owns a camera that “ takes really good pictures, “ BUT … is it “ good enough “ really good enough?

A partial list of Dave Lewis Studio Ltd. area clients include :

  • Ipava State Bank
  • Klinedinst Chiropractic
  • Spoon River College
  • Gorsuch-Hensley Real Estate & Auction, Inc.
  • CFC, Inc. Canton Harvester Inn
  • Oaks-Hines Funeral Homes
  • Canton Park District
  • Spoon River Animal Clinic, PC
  • Jim Maloof Realtor Property Management Canton
  • Froeling, Weber, & Schell, LLP
  • Mid-America National Bank

Dave Lewis Studio Ltd. will work with your web designer or marketing specialist to create the right image to set your company or business apart from the competetion.

Call Dave Lewis Studio Ltd. NOW at 309-647-5770 to Enhance Your Company’s Image.

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Framing is offered for all portraits at Dave Lewis Studio. Not just traditional sizes, either! DLS handles totally non-traditional sizes and configurations that can’t be found elsewhere.

Everything is made custom, and the framing is done with genuine wood and real glass… no fragile plastic junk here! Just like the portraits, the frames are made to LAST.

Make sure your cherished memories (no matter what size or configuration they’re in) are not only displayed with class, but protected for decades to come, by calling 309-647-5770.

Restoration / Copy

There’s an art to restoring your old photos, and it’s not always something that can be done with computers. There are some things that can only be done with a steady hand, years of experience, and a healthy dose of practiced ingenuity.

While I use computers to help make perfect, restored copies of cherished family photos from years – even centuries – past, I also use painstaking techniques that modern practitioners have never taken the time to learn. There’s a lot of love and history wrapped up in old photos, and that’s what’s needed to truly make the past gleam again… you have to be able to feel and to really care.

Call me at 309-647-5770 and bring me your old photos – I’ll make sure they’re a part of your family and your life… forever.

Dave Lewis Studio LTD. – 36 South Main Street Canton, IL 61520 – Phone: (309)647-5770 – Hours : Tue – Fri: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

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