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Dave Lewis Studio LTD. – 36 South Main Street Canton, IL 61520 – Phone: (309)647-5770 – Hours : Tue – Fri: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Senior Pictures are about you – your pesonality – not about your friends. Not about the same clothes they would choose or the same 26 poses in the same outfit using the same background or the same railroad tracks ( which, by the way is against the law ) ! No…Your Senior Pictures are about you – you – and only you.

Seniors have come for their Senior Pictures from Texas, Kansas, Wisconsin, the Quad Cities, and the suburbs of Chicago trusting Dave Lewis Studio to create their Senior Pictures. You know, the ones that reflect their personality. And the one comment they all seem to make is :
“ We want the Senior Pictures that only Dave Lewis Studio can do. “

Backgrounds not found elsewhere, proper portait lighting all the time ( especially out-doors ! )expert retouching, and hand finishing on your portraits are just a few of the ingredients that make a Dave Lewis Studio Senior Picture stand out from the ordinary.

Your graduation from High School happens only once in your lifetime and needs to be taken seriously. A friend’s mom with a “ good camera that takes ‘really good pictures ’ “ – hmmmmm –
is that what you really want ? A “ BAD “ Senior Picture will make you cringe well into your 60’s.

Senior Pictures from Dave Lewis Studio are exciting. But for some of you, all that excitement can become too much which could lead to shortness of breath or possibly even fainting. If this should happen to you, the easist remedy is to stop, grab your mom’s credit card and call Dave Lewis Studio at 309-647-5770 to schedule your appointment for your Senior Pictures. It’s that easy, and very shortly all those symptoms will disappear !

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