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Dave Lewis Studio LTD. – 36 South Main Street Canton, IL 61520 – Phone: (309)647-5770 – Hours : Tue – Fri: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Before leaving for her year of college, Dave’s daughter said:

“Dad, the one thing I want to take with me to college is a portrait of our family”

A quality Family portrait, taken by Dave Lewis Studio isn’t just any image on a piece of paper – it’s a meaningful connection, even an anchor in these stressful times.

In fact:

“A recent U.K. study revealed that family portraits are more powerful at raising someone’s mood than TV, Music or even CHOCOLATE!”

This deep heartfelt connection is something that can only be handled by an experienced professional photographer who truly understands and cares. A family portrait created by Dave lewis Studio becomes not just a Family portrait, but a lasting treasure that the GrandChildren will be arguing over for possession. A Family portrait from Dave Lewis Studio continues your family’s legacy.

Call (309)647-5770 to create your Family’s Legacy!

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