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Photography’s become a sadly-neglected art, with most “photographers” thinking everything they need comes included with their new camera.

Enduring photography is forged from natural talent and hard-earned experience. Holding multiple PPA (Professional Photographers Of America, Inc.) degrees, Dave Lewis has been taking portraits for families, students, and businesses since 1969.

A testament to Dave’s deep commitment to his craft and community, Dave Lewis Studio has survived and thrived through the years.

Being a truly great photographer means knowing and caring about people. Dave has served his community through his work as the United Way President and Chamber Of Commerce Ambassador… among many other positions!

Creating high-quality portraits isn’t about “point and click” – Strength of heart and a genuine understanding of people is essential.

Fantastic portraits bring memories alive and keep them strong for decades to come. It’s not just about creating portraits the grandkids will cherish, either…

According to a U.K. university study, viewing personal portraits makes people feel so much better when they’re down. Seriously… portraits are better for one’s mood than music, TV, AND chocolate! That’s just one more reason why it’s so important to have a seasoned, caring, and professional photographer behind the lens.

Whether it’s for a wedding, business, or just a fun session with somebody’s grandkids – Dave’s a grandfather himself! – Dave Lewis Studio delivers the best portraits, taken with care, class, and consideration.

Dave Lewis Studio doesn’t “take photos” – it creates a legacy.

Dave Lewis Studio LTD. – 36 South Main Street Canton, IL 61520 – Phone: (309)647-5770 – Hours : Tue – Fri: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

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